We are professionals who take a lot of pleasure in our work. Yes we actually like doing SEO and Digital Marketing  (some might think we are slightly off after that statement) and we have been doing it for a while. When we started doing hand coded HTML webpages, Google wasn’t even a search engine, email came via EasyNet and bulletin boards were a big deal. No doubt there are a lot of you reading this who have no idea what we just said, in a nutshell we have been on the cutting edge of the “web” since it began. We have been through all the Google “updates” so far, fenced with Matt Cutts and his crew and landed our clients on Page ONE for a lot of keyword terms.

In a word – Experienced. (And lots of it too 🙂 )

When you hire us – you get more than just someone looking after your digital marketing numbers – you get consultants how can show  you how to integrate you efforts to make everything work better and more effectively. Everything from website design to PPC keywords – we do it all.

But you should also be aware of one thing that makes us a bit different than other agencies – we are not afraid to say goodbye.

If you hire us and we determine we are not a good fit for each other, then expect us to be honest enough to tell you that and then wish you well in finding someone better suited to your company. After all, there is no “One size fits all” in this business and anyone telling you otherwise is not to be trusted. So we will give you our best and in turn we expect that you will do your best to work with us too. It is a fundamental truth that we work by.

The other side of that coin is we really enjoy working with companies that are innovative, cutting edge and agile and most of all partners in growing their online business. If that sounds like you – then call us.

p.s. If you already know everything about SEO and digital marketing – then call one of our competitors 🙂


Professional SEO London Ltd

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Tele: 020 7504 7074 or 0845 838 7146

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