What is Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

And why would I want to pay someone to do Organic SEO?

Organic Search Engine Optimization means optimizing your website to rank highly in the internet search engines (organic search) . By doing this the traffic that comes to your site is considered to be organic traffic.   Research has shown that 95% of all organic search engine traffic comes from the first 10 results in the organic search results. A further breakdown shows that the first five are worth 67% of all the clicks. That alone shows the value of search engine optimization services for any business that is dependent on web traffic for business.

But there are more reasons why should you worry about organic search results. Another study shows that organic search delivers 64% of all website traffic while direct traffic is 12% and social represents just 2%.

Organic search is, therefore, one of the most important means you have in reaching your audience.

Interesting fact – According to a HubSpot survey, over 50% of mobile users have found a company they didn’t know existed until they did a Google search on their mobile device.

Organic Search Brings Buyer Traffic

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Another important facet of organic SEO traffic is that they are generally “buyer” traffic. It means they are actively searching for something that they are interested enough to spend the time in organic search to find it. They already have a certain commitment to buy before they arrive at your site. But then your part of the equation is how do I turn them from a visitor to a customer?

Another fact about today’s customers: 89% start their online session with Google and 80% of those are actively searching for products or services before buying a product or service locally.

And because of these facts, you can see that website and conversion optimization is a huge part of the sales equation. Unfortunately, it is the one that is mostly neglected.

Brick and mortar businesses should learn from internet marketers. Internet marketers are experts in drawing in traffic and turning them into customers. They do this by continually testing and tweaking their sites to get the best results possible. One of their findings – those beautiful expensive complex websites don’t work very well.

We can help you work through the search engine optimization of your website, whether it’s changing the structure or page layout testing, we have the tools to help you capture the data to improve your conversions and increase your traffic via organic SEO searches.

What that means for you is an enhanced Return on Investment (ROI), that turns your website from a place you spend money on to an income producing part of your business.

Better ROI with Organic SEO

We believe that results should always be tangible and we strive to bring you real numbers that show that your investment in your web presence had brought real dividends to your bottom line.

Call Professional SEO London and let our expert guidance bring to a better ROI to your website with organic search results.

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