PPC Paid Advertising (Pay Per Click)

A problem that many companies face is that they separate their Organic and Paid traffic into two completely separate entities. But really Organic SEO and PPC marketing are not competitors. Let us explain why we use them together as complementary tools in our kit.

  • PPC traffic is a good and fast way to test for keyword rankings that can be applied to further your organic search results.
  • PPC is a good way to do quick short-term promotions that is ill-suited for the long-term organic traffic.
  • Organic rankings can enhance your click-through rates on Pay Per Click campaigns.

Interesting fact – SEO and PPC together can increase website traffic by 25% and profit by 27%.

PPC Marketing London

PPC Can Be Used for Website Testing

Paid advertising can help you quickly test and set up high converting web pages that reap immediate and long-lasting benefits for all your digital marketing campaigns.

That is why we look at our client’s total package and look for the synergies at the various traffic driving methods. We are a professional digital marketing agency that is not locked into a single method of digital promotion but we strive to combine them all for the ultimate benefit of you our customers.

PPC has good metrics to let you see the results of your campaigns and you should test and try multiple campaigns to realize the very best results. Too many companies try to take the easy way out and just make an easy campaign that they think sounds good. Testing is the only way to ensure that you are getting what you are paying for!

Another fun fact – Businesses make on average $3.00 USD for every $1.60 USD they spend on AdWords.

Using PPC to Optimize your ROI

New websites can gain initial traction through a Paid Marketing campaign getting immediate traffic. While organic SEO is best for the long term, PPC can generate some significant results while you are waiting for your initial SEO efforts take hold. And you can use PPC for fast campaigns like flash sales, coupons and quick one-off campaigns increasing your visibility and brand reach.

So if you need to plan a paid advertising campaign, increase your organic search engine rankings or improve your brand recognition through social media marketing, call Professional SEO London at 0845 838 7146 and get the expertise that you need.